Poem – Morning Light

There is the perfect moment –
birds sing, the wind
circles the body,
dogs lay and sniff the air,
ravens and ducks land
on rooftops and trees,
prairie grass crackles –
when burdens fall away
with no effort.

Briefly what followed
leaves – I become aware of this
too quickly and everything tumbles back
but I remember how I got to that place
and continue to savor the moment.

I remember the field when it was empty
and when I was truly me.

Each day becomes the practice
to instill a clear mind – not full
but mindful of the fullness.

Each day becomes the understanding
of where I am from before
tearing apart, digging deep
and removing the fragments

and placing them on the ground
showing their true colors in
the rising sun and as a
witness to each piece the raven takes away.

Morning Light

Morning Light

One thought on “Poem – Morning Light

  1. I took a mini poetry class on Sat. at the Chanhassen library with Joyce Sutphen (poet laureate of Minnesota) She read a poem relating to the weather outside. I read mine which was a haiku.   I can think about taking off my boots and coat storing them away   I took a mini unblocking  class from Roseanne Bane. She teaches about the brain functions.   I will be reading my poetry there on May 4.    

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