Poetry – Video of Reading

Here is a raw video of part small part of the reading from 05/04/14 for Good and Evil, sponsored by Cracked Walnut Literary Festival Reading. It took place at Coffee Bene.

I read the following pieces and will post them separately:



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  1. It’s so exciting to hear how a poet reads his/her work. It’s not always as I would assume, but yours was almost exactly as I read your poems to myself. The timing in your poetry is probably what I like best about your work, by the way – the poems move so nicely.

    Wonderful reading!

    • Thank you Rachel for your kind words. I am terrified of public speaking, but know I need to do these kind of events. I breathed and kept aware of my voice and pacing as I tend to mumble and talk way to fast. But I am enjoying these more, and look forward to future readings.

      We are planning a release party in October for Stone Path Review and will have artists present and read their work.

      • You’re very welcome. I thought you did very well. I noticed the pacing, and how aware you seemed of staying in time. And you’re right; it’s a necessary thing to conquer and practice will do wonders for delivery. You’re way ahead of me, though. I’m far too chicken to do a reading yet. I’ve recorded audio versions of a few of my poems, but that’s all I’ve had the nerve to do. Ha, I did terrible in my college public speaking class.

        Oh? A release party sounds like so much fun! Where will it be? I’m sure it won’t be a hop, skip and a jump away from here, but I am a fan of road trips. haha.. I miss too many events like this because of my location.

          • Ahh, I just gave Kevin a listen and that was really wonderful. I’m not sure how I missed it previously. And thank you for that offer; I was actually intending on doing audio versions of the poems you published of mine when I get a chance.

            That is a gorgeous coffee shop. I’m a fiend for places like that, actually. I’m also mighty impressed with cool spots that embrace poetry so warmly. It’s a beautiful thing.

          • I look forward to listening to you reading your poems and welcome the chance to post them. Thankfully the St. Paul part of MN has a lot of coffee shops that have readings. Ours will most likely be at an Irish coffee shop near downtown St. Paul called Claddagh Coffee.

          • That’s really amazing. There’s really no poetry scene near me. I’ve only heard of one venue that hosts a poetry night. It’s twice a month and on a Thursday fairly late at night and an hour away, so I’ve yet to be able to make it due to work schedules. I’m envious of people that live in areas where there’s a warm focus on the arts.

  2. William, What a coincedence. I was part of  an author’s live read at the Chanhassen library yesterday Sunday afternoon. It was videotaped forYouTube so as soon as I get the link I will send it to you. Krist

    • Congratulations Kristin on your reading! Please do send me the link and I will add to the blog and Stone Path Review website.

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