Poem – What We Must Do

The poem “What We Must Do” from the reading on 05/04/14.

We found remains
not of the day or night
not of the moon or sun
but of something more
primal and of the earth
and soil carrying its voice
from pastures to fields
to the winter beds.

The remains we found of
creatures roaming
the open space
the land born of themselves.

Searching snow covered grounds
a rake is used like a ship
dredging a canal, but
at the surface, gentle
tugs, attention paid to
the amount of resistance,
the emitted sound when metal
hits a rock, dried wood,
or what I am looking for.

When a brownish blur
catches my eye through cattails
I know I am done.
It’s time to return
you to earth.

2x4s laid in the snow
covered dirt road, away
from low hanging pine limbs
and prairie grasses.

I place your rib cage upon
the altar, sprinkle gasoline
and say a few words
before throwing the match.

6 responses to “Poem – What We Must Do”

  1. I do like this but I have to say you have written above my head . I thought I understood but then the last verse threw me off course. Great poetry though. I do not need to comprehend fully to enjoy. Xx

    • Hello Willow, great to hear from you. We found fairly fresh bones from a deer that was poached. Out of respect we said a few words and burned the bones to release them back to the earth.

      • Thank you William for taking the time to explain to me ?! I feel a real thicko now. It males perfect sense and was a thoughtful thing to do. Now I understand the poem I see its full beauty. I hope you are well . I am sorry that I don’t always have the time to comment but I always read and like your work. Keep well and happy. Xxc

        • You are very welcome, I’m happy that it comes across as it is a true story. I may have tried a bit too hard and “fancy” and could have said it was a deer. I appreciate very much when you visit, and anytime you can comment. No worries, there is only so much time in the way and a lot of good stuff out there.

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