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I am an old-school programmer whose job does not require development anymore. Still, I have a few websites, and am interested in new technologies and methodologies. With a database background and most days filled with ad-hoc query requests, reports, and integration between multiple systems, building a front-end users would save me and them a lot of time.

With a preference toward Microsoft technologies I have settled on the following development environment and have started with these resources.


  1. Windows 7 Pro
  2. Visual Studio 2013 Premium
  3. Microsoft WebMatrix 3
  4. Local SQL databases for initial learning and development
  5. Windows Azure and SQL 2014 for testing and deployment


  1. Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Query Tuning and Optimization
  2. Microsoft Azure SQL Database: Step by Step
  3. Introduction Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Technical Overview

This website has provided a great overview of C#, CSS, HTML5, Razor and connecting to databases.

Web Development Using WebMatrix

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