Poem – Ready for the Truth


Return to the pine forest
thinly snow coated.

In this silence broken only
by raven calls we have

to be comfortable with ourselves
in the midst of nature.

I wander the hard trails lined
with dried needles and

attempt to let go of all
thoughts and concerns,

even the direction I am heading.


Stripped of daily responsibilities
am I comfortable enough with myself

to let go and allow the forest
to let me in?

Am I ready?

What if the forest
does not desire me here?





  1. I do hope so. I have undertaken the task of naming each tree, while impossible, to at least touch each gently, at a special place in MN. This has provided much inspiration over the years.

        1. helping other people, being around them, and being outside in nature also. I love the woods, the ocean, all of the beauty of the natural world. These things bring me peace, the things I write about are the burdens and darkness from my past, and some of what i still face today. people, nature and music bring me the peace I need to keep going. I am a hippie at heart- I wrote a poem called that if you want to read it.

          1. Working through the darkness helps to enjoy the beauty around us. Easy words to say, but it makes the struggle and the fight worthwhile. Yes, I would like to read that piece.

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