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  • Note from a Poet Friend

    These are beautiful and from the heart words from Wendy Brown-Baez that I wanted to share. It’s Good Friday, day of descent and awareness that we all walk forward into our own deaths one day. Sometimes we may get a glimpse of descent to the underworld when we lose hope and go through the dark…

  • multiverse of paint

    Breathtaking oil painting of scenes from beyond here.

  • Mind full or mindful

  • Poetry Month – Poem by Wendy Brown-Baez

    For National Poetry Month, I will be selecting poems I enjoy by other writers and artists and will post them here and on Stone Path Review. At the Western Wall, by Wendy Brown-Baez From transparencies of light, 2011, Finishing Line Press I saw here at the Wall flattened against the stones by prayer and I…

  • MilSync – The App for Military Communication

    A friend of mine, Jonathan Appleby, has started a company to develop an app for the military. It’s main goal is to provide a free tool for service members, civilians, and family to communicate and stay in touch in an easy, reliable, safe, and secure way.  Of course, the app will be free. They have…

  • The Great Mystery

    This was written by Hanakia Zedek, a great friend, brother, and being with no place. To me, the idea of god is no mystery. We simply project our egocentric ideas of self onto a universal model and blam: you have gods relative to belief and culture. The real mystery is all of that space…

  • Good Morning Venus

  • Mermaid

  • Play Review and New Poetry – 01/26/14

    New content has been added to the Stone Path Review Website. Frequent contributor Ricci Milan shared his new poem The Dawn. A review of the play Tech Night 4’33”, written by Vaughan Ellerton, as reviewed by Joseph Farley.

  • Poem – Ode to Death

    Ode to Death, by Hanakia Zedek I awaken in it’s arms Yet it has done me no harm It’s eyes cold and fallow As I have come to know Why do you come to me? Why do you comfort me… Yet never come for me? What do you see in me? Am I to continue…