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Jackson Pollock in the news

My favorite painter is in the news again, but for good reasons. Lior Shamir, a computer scientist at Lawrence Technological University, has developed software that analyzes images and is able to authenticate a painting from 90% to 100% accuracy with the proper training and testing. As an example, he analyzed 26 Jackson Pollock paintings initially […]
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Stone Path Review Update

The following newsletter was sent out today regarding Stone Path Review, our artistic journal and our publishing company, Enso Press, LLC. As we close out 2014 having completed our 3rd year with 12 issues, we have been looking back and of course looking forward. After hard and honest thinking about Stone Path Review specifically and […]
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Light Collector #1

The Light Collector, #1.

Video – Music and Dance – Olafur Arnalds

The following is from an audition for season 11 of “So You Think You Can Dance”.  The music is from Olafur Arnalds and the woman’s story is touching, heartbreaking, and filled with strength.  Absolutely beautiful.  I think what is most amazing is how aware of oneself this person is and the appreciation she has for […]
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1974 Interview / Orson Welles

Shared by Michael Gause at the Dishevel’d Salon

Poem – House on 7th Street

A two-story white house one window blue-framed large oak tree in the manicured yard, planter with purple flowers sways in the gentle breeze. Every hour or so the front door opens and a man holding a coffee cup emerges – cigarette lit, he watches traffic on 7th street. From this distance across 7th street, sipping […]
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Poem – Absentia #2

Absent of light the canvas becomes black – in the blackness there is not nothing – there is everything we choose to show, to expose, to translate from the memories and images into a masterpiece – who can judge art when colors, shapes, lines, splatters, and disconnected images are the hands interpretation of the mind’s […]
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Denver, CO – Jackson Pollock

At long last, I have been in the presence of an actual Jackson Pollock painting. In Denver, CO, I was surprised by Patricia with an exhibit titled “Modern Masters” at the Denver Art Museum. I did not know there was one on display, and my attempts to find out more form her were cleverly thwarted. […]
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Book – The New New Journalism

I just learned of this book today, and really wish I had this as a resource a few years ago. Two of my favorite authors are interviewed in here: Jon Krakauer and Gay Talese. I have not read this yet, but will soon add this to the top of my reading list. From the description […]
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Artist – Danae Stratou and Desert Breath

Desert Breath is a land-based art project in the middle of the Sahara Desert that was finished in 1997 and is still standing today. This installation brings together many concepts and ideals, mixing art with nature (sand, rock, water, mountains), and the profound and delicate path we walk within both. http://www.danaestratou.com/projects/exterior/desert-breath