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  • Poem – A Moment in Time

    For a moment in time I saw the future as I quickly let go o the past. In the moment I saw the beginning. Of each moment I held on as long as possible. I did not know how much time I had left. I do not know where I am going from here.  

  • Poem – The Mind Focusing

    If my mind were turned inside out, flipped, and away from the lantern in the middle of one field, I imagine when I gained some semblance of control it would manifest as the mind realized in another field coming into focus.

  • Poem – Wandering The Path

    Wandering the path with eyes closed I let myself find a way through this world with decreasing interference with less attachment to the things that mar the life being led and I think I can do this alone until I open my eyes and see you.

  • Poem – Calm

    Time and age conspire with numbers setting expectations. You are only as old as you feel and that depends on the body’s voice. These things are mostly out of our control and in youth we ignore and push limits looking to find something beyond life looking over the edge at the mouth of death. As…

  • Poem – Watching

    The sleepy sun is just raising one eye when we walk onto the patio, one dog on each arm, into the cold morning with a thin layer of frost on the ground and the apple tree. Across the pond an oak tree has emerged from its slumber with a growing veil concealing the noisy ravens…

  • Poem – Voice with no Voice

    The last drag taken slowly the cigarette fading beneath the black sky free of clouds and moon. The last puff of smoke masks the face of an unknown man desiring anonymity as he watches from a distance. He cannot bring himself to emerge from the shadows as the pain courses through his body and his…

  • Poem – Color and Sound

    The last orange highlights sink into the horizon. Thin grey clouds float across light blue sky. Red-winged blackbirds continue conversations. Across the fields and wetlands lawn-mowers cut through deep green grass. The calendar tells me it is June and with eyes closed I hear summer but this evening has settled for October.

  • Poem – Absentia #2

    Absent of light the canvas becomes black – in the blackness there is not nothing – there is everything we choose to show, to expose, to translate from the memories and images into a masterpiece – who can judge art when colors, shapes, lines, splatters, and disconnected images are the hands interpretation of the mind’s…

  • Poem – Beyond These Eyes

    Past physical limits. Out of fingertips reach. With eyes closed the world opens unto itself, consumes itself until the ground beneath feet is gone and we stand in the vast emptiness the space, black with eyes open, yet filled with light when closed and walk upon vibrating building blocks toward the middle.

  • Transformation

    Many late nights have been spent this past month with the Spring issue of Stone Path Review, as well as writing projects.  I have not been posting too much poetry as I have been mostly writing prose and essays around Buddhism and Deep Ecology. After so much coffee, Monster, and sleep deprivation, I feel I…