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Poem – Awakened

Scattered wisps of cloudsgive way to the first sunrise. Peaking over the horizon,shoreline rocks absorb each ray. Newly formed ice from high tidecracks and refreezes with each wave. Each inhale brings cold into waiting lungs.Each exhale pushes out impurities from the previous year. Like the steam rising from the sea,I become more awakened with each […]
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Poem – The Foundation of Each Day

Like a drone on autopilot I rise when the alarm cuts through the night with no thought or question. I drive the long road through the sleeping city past windows and doors leading to lives I do not know. I, like them, struggle with the burdens, expectations, roadblocks, doubt, and the surprises life throws each […]
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Poem – Eyes

“Your eyes are closed”. “I’m not sleeping”. That I cannot see through light reflection and absorption I see and imagine through sound and subtle interpretations. I hear the wind through the forest and imagine birds feet clamped down, swaying with each breath. I hear ducks cannonball into the pond counting each of their children. I […]
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Poem – Untitled

(1) Are you up there looking down? What do you see through pure eyes, pushed back from the experiences and beyond the cancer? (2) I wish to hear your voice, the voice that lifted me through childhood. (3) I pause to catch the next breath and with closed eyes think of you.

What Exists Between each Breath

Spending the day home from work with a massive headache, most of it was spent sleeping. Now that it has passed and I feel more normal (a very loose definition), I sit in silence, thinking about the time that has passed and where we go from here. In the midst of obligations, timelines, deadlines, stress, […]
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The Medicine Man

The medicine man imparted these words before transforming into a raven and vanishing from this space: Stop thinking. Know. Forced thinking, what you seek dissapears. Beyond the mountain the valleys are deep and wide. Going into them blind, distracted thinking, will consume you. Instead enter the gate and immediately stop. See your arms outstretched. Welcome […]
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Alaska – Arriving in Haines

With an Alaskan White Ale at my side, I leave here, Saint Paul, MN, and land back in time: 2010 in Haines, AK. Emerging from the 4 passenger plane from Juneau, a fine mist washes across my face and raven calls permeate the surrounding air. A minute or two passes before I finally accept that […]
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