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Poem – Path

The path we follow, the path we create is only a door or window and what we find on the other side and along the stone trail are what we put there, what we desire to become in this life and the next. What we choose lasts forever and becomes a part of everything and […]
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Poem – In These Times

In these times there are more questions than the answers we require to move and breath. In these times we feel isolated, at great distances from the reality we see. In these times the human spirit further bonds and strengthens, we are all in this together.

Arts – Slant Art and Culture Magazine

Photographer Aaron Bowen (Facebook), a frequent contributor to Stone Path Review, has published the first issue of “Slant”. “Slant, Wichita’s new art and culture magazine, is here! I have 100 copies, and the rest will be delivered Monday or Tuesday. I will be talking with different businesses as to where it will be sold, and will […]
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Poem – Remind

We age from the burden of each day’s moments, trials, and tests. We lose track of time, people, and who we are individually and collectively. We lose where we are in the world until nature reminds us.

Where we are going, what have we done

I tend to be a private person when it comes to political, economic, and social issues, but the state of the world now is too much to keep inside, to keep from spilling like blood into sands. As a person and part of humanity, with a connection to each living being, I feel sadness and […]
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Poem – Welcome

Tears fall upon the lotus growing near the red water. A robed figure walks the dirt path from the bay carrying a full bucket not one drop is spilled as they descend a hill leading to the monastery. ~ Trees give up their leaves to the earth, the earth gives the leaves to animals, what […]
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Poem – To No One

I sat down to write what’s consuming my mind day in and day out. I thought on the state of the world the wars, the drought, the famine – the social and environmental issues that continue to plague all beings. I thought about what can we do I thought about what can I do. What […]
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Taking Care of Ourself First

Really, to help others, we should be in a good place ourself, to put more positive energy into what we are trying to accomplish. Excerpted from Rules of the Hunt Taking Care of You Drink plenty of water. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Eat more fruits […]
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The Search

The goal is not to chase and find enlightenment – it is already within. The goal and path is to uncover who we already are as people, as neighbors, as caretakers of this earth.

Beyond Words

How best to spend the evening when the girlfriend is out of town in Detroit? With brinner of course. On a serious note: I am without words and helpless. Regardless of belief or who we pray to, fellow human beings, including children, were in the wrong place and became victims of nature’s most powerful force. […]
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