Tag: consciousness

  • Poem – Secrets

    Behind the red glass what being or consciousness watches our every move? The voice behind the glass asks one clear question: why won’t you let me out? Beneath the new moon questions become more frequent, secrets begin to spill. ** From the series “The Integration”

  • Poem – Border

    The border defining a boundary the line between worlds, realms, our consciousness exists only in our minds a projection of the hardship we impose, we feel, further defined and limited by action or inaction.

  • Trimsatika (Thirty Verses) of Vasubandhu

    Thirty verses on consciousness-only to be chanted. It is one of the core texts of the Yogacara school of Mahayana Buddhism. 1 Everything that is taken as a self; Everything that is taken as other: These are simply changing forms of consciousness. 2 Pure consciousness transforms itself Into three modes: Store consciousness, Thought consciousness, and…

  • Poem – Reflection

    The calendar turns an arbitrary delineation time passing one numbered year to another. Moving through and beyond this system of numerals the flow becomes more chaotic, less understood, more beautiful. When the meaning is removed when each layer is peeled away we find inside everything we hope for, everything we dream of, everything we can…

  • Poem Leftovers, Part 2

    (1) Within the space of silent wandering what falls away can be forgotten yesterdays discarded paper of a lost time the experience rolled into the collective. they say you are the culmination of yesterday, today and tomorrow. if you hold dearly to the past you will never know the path. the mirror’s purpose is only…

  • Zen Questions

    Reading “Zen Questions – Zazen, Dogen, and the Spirit of Creative Inquiry”, looking for answers to the questions both visible and hidden in my consciousness.