Tag: emotion

  • Thoughts on the Empty Field

    I have written a bit about the concept of an empty field and what this means spiritually, mentally, and physically to myself as a wandering soul, a student of this life struggling to relate and come to terms with previous lives.  The empty field is the essence of the mind and energy transferred to a…

  • Closure

    Finding closure with the things holding us back. There is a lot of change in my life, and I’m getting older, and living life with regrets is not really living. Regrets are usually from the things you did not do, or the questions you did not ask, or the words you did not say. I…

  • Music for Today

    What music are you listening to today?  What fits your mood or state of mind?  I chose 3 Doors Down to accompany me on the wave of emotions coming forth from the past 11-years and the heaviness I allow myself to experience.