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Poem – Questions

“Are you out there beyond the merging of the sky and the sea?” I ask of the ravens atop trees lining the shoreline. I am torn as to my place here when I only have a few fragments left, the rest have scattered, on a journey through the infinite space, speeding toward the beginning or […]
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Poem – I see the Lantern Everywhere

I see the lantern everywhere and in my sleep as recurring dreams have brought with them a place in the empty field filled with light and hope. In my weakened state I cling to this vision as the hours and days pass and there is seemingly no end in sight. I cling to a vision […]
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Poem – Let Go

There is something in the forest seen and not seen, the light scatters, ebbs, and flows. I am being watched and I feel safe and not threatened. I walk toward that light with outstretched arms and feel warmth as I enter the beginning far removed from the end.

Poem – Far Reaches

At the end of this journey I stood before the bursting stars and bathed in the energy and light. I cupped matter in my hands and I drank the elements. Time did not exist and I knew nothing of time. There was no separation. There was no boundary. I became one with myself. I returned […]
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Poem – Shift in Energy Patterns

We survived the 21st and made it to northern MN, to be rewarded with Nature’s majesty.  Photos will be posted later of the sunset of the winter solstice and the guardian Orion watching over us. We are still here having survived the end of this physical place. Did I learn anything from this warning issued […]
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End of August, 2012

The last day of August, with another full moon, brings us closer to fall and the myriad of colors that Minnesota allows us to enjoy.  It feels like this year is slipping away, but the remaining months could bring much change, and there will be a shift, as more and more people wake up from […]
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