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Poem – Rain

When my mind becomes scattered, when each of the thoughts I held in my core is lost to the wind, I seek out answers and resolutions from the natural world. On mornings when the grey sky covers the sun and the forest lives in its own green exterior, the cold air lays upon the skin, […]
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Poem – Existence

The dirt road lined with pine and poplar exists in familiar land and on the map, but standing here beneath the northern sky as the cool wind brushes the lake, I am without time or space. In moments where I become aware of my contact with the earth, does it matter where I exist physically […]
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Nature – Stones

Do the stones we find on the shoreline, inspected closely before placing in a pocket for safe keeping, care that millions of years of effort have vanished? We may live in nature, within its surroundings the forests’ cradling hands, but we must remember the cradling hands found us as they were here first, before we […]
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Poem – Perception and Desire

The empty field of snow and shadow, a reflection of the desire and intent to start the day new and leave behind the past, build the best path into the future. To become what the mind desires, the field is waiting and as an extension of you and as a plane of existence in universe, […]
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Poem – Home

In the first minutes of light time stops and I cease to exist as a physical presence and become a flicker in the air. Without name or boundaries I now exist free and at home.

Poem – Mirror

The last ice melts and beneath the morning sun the pond is calm. Oak and grasses lean into the murky water and squirrels run through dried leaves. On my way to the trail winding through the forest a silent existence.

Poem – As I

As I look down. I see hands. I feel nothing, not numb, beyond numb, nothing at all. Are these hands mine? The fingers do not move as I move through dark, move through some space but I do not feel I am moving I think I am moving. Is that enough to define a reality […]
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The Great Mystery

This was written by Hanakia Zedek, a great friend, brother, and being with no place. http://www.edgemagazine.net/2014/03/the-great-mystery/ To me, the idea of god is no mystery. We simply project our egocentric ideas of self onto a universal model and blam: you have gods relative to belief and culture. The real mystery is all of that space […]
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A beautiful and peaceful evening in MN with 70s and the sun low in the sky, casting light beams through the moon-shapped windows. I have been listening and reading about the Mars rovers and partaking in my own speculation as to what they may find.  This is proving to be quite inspirational for new poems […]
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