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Poem – Fragile Thread

The sunless grey sky releases an afternoon rain pushing leaves beginning to transition to bright yellows and deep reds. Each drop’s ripple in the pond, each leaf that falls through wind and rain a reminder of nature’s course in time and the fragile thread we all cling to.

Nature – Stones

Do the stones we find on the shoreline, inspected closely before placing in a pocket for safe keeping, care that millions of years of effort have vanished? We may live in nature, within its surroundings the forests’ cradling hands, but we must remember the cradling hands found us as they were here first, before we […]
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Nature – Land, a Fall Perspective

Evening approaches the valley shielded under the canopy of oak. The colors change from green began a week ago and today the carpet has become red. A southerly wind rattles the dense forest, shaking loose leaves and small branches. Other than nature it is quiet and calm. I come here for the quiet and calm. […]
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An Autumn Day, From Beginning to End

Poem – Calming

What more can I ask for, what more can I expect, than the colors of autumn calming the chaos within.

Video – Fall in Northern MN

Poem – Late Summer

With the charged air wavering between summer and autumn we walked beneath the canopies throwing scattered light on faces thankful for the sun thankful for the peace within the city. Thinking only about my feet and where they land next I closed my eyes and kept moving along the path I opened my eye and […]
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Poem – The Day Wisdom Came from the Clouds Above

(1) Summer months fell into the autumn. Mist clung to pine before the sun rose. Brown needles falling from the sky slide down the barn’s green metal roof. We walk past fallen trees, piles of brush, two tree stumps to be removed, knee-high patches of weeds and wild flowers, a bat house, three thistle-filled socks, […]
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Poem – The Depth of November

November is the transition of fall to winter. November gives up the red, orange, yellow, and gold for brown into grey. The sky gains depth, definition, and clarity. November is laid bare at your feet and we head within ourselves to find warmth and answers to the probing questions and immediate need to cope with […]
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Poem – The First Flake

The child’s nose leaves prints on the glass kitchen window overlooking the apple tree. Wide-eyed, determined, safe – was that a snowflake? Did one land in the grass? A frantic search for the first snowflake signaling winter, snow forts, and snow days. There, that has to be one! And the phone call to grandma to […]
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