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Slow down, stop, look to the sky. With eyes closed, take in nature, exhale burdens, worries, and angst. If only for that moment.

Video – Music and Dance – Olafur Arnalds

The following is from an audition for season 11 of “So You Think You Can Dance”.  The music is from Olafur Arnalds and the woman’s story is touching, heartbreaking, and filled with strength.  Absolutely beautiful.  I think what is most amazing is how aware of oneself this person is and the appreciation she has for […]
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Note from a Poet Friend

These are beautiful and from the heart words from Wendy Brown-Baez that I wanted to share. It’s Good Friday, day of descent and awareness that we all walk forward into our own deaths one day. Sometimes we may get a glimpse of descent to the underworld when we lose hope and go through the dark […]
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Poem – For HZ

My spiritual brother, Hanakia Zedek, is having surgery today.  I wrote this poem to aid in his recovery. You are not in my prayers but in my thoughts and in the spirit I have shared with you and that you have shown through your kindness, your laughter, and you being you. On that path that […]
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What I am Thankful For

As with many people, I am taking this time to reflect on life and what I am thankful for.  I am in the same camp that wishes a day did not have to be set aside for us to take this time.  Why can we not be thankful each day, not only for the people […]
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