Tag: honor

  • Poem, for Earth Day

    My breath from the trees. My liquid from the oceans. My feet upon the earth. Each day, each second should be in your honor. Each task, each decision should be in your image. Through you we can attain peace.

  • Poetry and Remembrance

    In remembrance of today, I have posted 4 poems I wrote about 9/11.  This is also in honor of my step-son, Kyle, who is currently deployed. Poems are located here: 9/11 9/11 – Imagine 9/11 – 3-Years 9/11 – Never Forget

  • Honored and Humbled

    This evening was my first poetry reading ever, and was of a poem recently published in Lief Magazine.  I was nervous as hell, as public speaking is something I have been good at avoiding.  The editors of Lief, Mike Finley and Danny Klecko, were gracious in accepting the poem “Playground” and asking me to read…

  • Don’t forget your boots

    The long walk through the valley overshadowed by the mountains. Don’t forget your boots. Sand upon sand the layered earth covers fragments, shells, and mines. Don’t forget your boots. I do not pretend to understand or relate I have not been there – I am here gazing at the stars washed in the moonlight filled…