Silent Objections

The calm water reflects the cold
morning sky coming on-line.

Pierced by raven calls and lulled
by rolling waves.

Fragments I carried here
begin to slip into the water.

The cold and water I have come to embrace
as years have passed, has not changed.

The same stones mark the way to an ice covered shoreline
and that tree has become a beacon and marker.

I don’t know if this is home,
I don’t know if the water remembers me.

I take comfort in the thought, that when I pass
some fragment of myself will still linger,

riding waves or falling into the depths,
merging with the sea.

So I release my doubt and stop silent objections
knowing the sea will care for me.

Tree on Cliff

We have been visiting this location on Lake Superior for 10-years. Through every season and every weather pattern.

Regardless of what is happening and going on around me, I always come back to that tree.

On the cliff above the turbulent waters, standing tall against the wind, drenched in summer rain, or encased in ice.

A beacon in the frequent storms, a symbol, resilient, always there waiting when we arrive.

I am not clear or aware of the draw I have to this tree, but I choose to let that go and not dwell or search for reasons, and lose myself to the energy.

I suppose the reasons do not matter at the end of the day as I find myself calm, connected, and reflective when in the presence of the tree.

Is something imagined in my mind, or does this stem from beyond here, beyond the horizon that I see?

In some versions of this image, the sky and clouds emerge from the tree-top, and morning steam flows from the cliffs as the sun emerges from the horizon scattering light into waiting clouds, bursting with orange and purple hues.

In other images, the scene has no movements, everything frozen in thick ice reflecting the grey clouds and water absent of the sun.

In all iterations of the scene with myself standing on the shore looking at the tree, I am content and at peace.

Poem – Reflections on What Proceeded Today

In the last few hours of the year.
Superior is awake and talking.

Waves are heard before they appear as bulges in the sea,
crashing on rocks unable to freeze.

The old cabin windows rattle and shake,
before settling down until the next wave arrives.

Pine and cedar branches weighed with snow,
bobbing amidst the cold onslaught.

Trees standing atop the cliffs show their resilience
while covered in ice, battered from each storm, still standing.

A fitting end to a year of turbulence, changes, and lessons.
A year that forced reflection, offered the chance to look within ourselves.

What can I move into the next year with, what are the best parts of myself,
and what should I leave behind, what can be discarded, to move more freely?

As the struggle to fit within the social norms and expectations intensifies,
I find some solace in the raging storm attempting to break me down,

to remove the unneeded layers, bit by bit, exposing the raw soul sitting on
the shoreline looking for answers in the wind and grey sea.

Poem – Flight

Against an evening sunset
and blue backdrop a pair of ravens
circle, descend, and ascend a last time
before landing in pine trees beginning to green
as the last holds of winter give.

Clinging to limbs as the winds
arrive in gusts from across the lake
they call to others a few trees over
and we watch this conversation take place.

Poem – Calm Waters

April sunrise over the calm water
a slow dance of light across the surface.
this path now appearing after minutes lost in the
subtle voice of nature opens a watery
light encased portal that is my chance to leave this world.

Poem – The Ancients

Scattered across the window
Overlooking the rocky outline
Of the lake shore.

Cast from the memories of thousand years
Together we embrace as the fire
Fills the black sky with our own universe
And the reflection of the time we have endured
And the souls we have emerged as on the other side.

Standing side by side with flow stretching across endless stars and planets
we emerge each awakening flanked by the white and black wolf.

Together we will enter Valhalla and live among the giants
who have guided and taught us ways of the ancients.

Late evening summer sun

Poem – Small Moments Lasting a Lifetime

The biting cold of wind
carrying water off the lake.

A sun rising behind the grey
storm clouds still in the distance.

Ice encased tree
on the rocky point.

Frozen mist carried along
the surface.

Berries cling to barren branches
providing food to robin and chickadee.





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