Tag: light

  • Poem – At Every Turn

    At every turn. Life. The decisions we have made the decisions made without us. The people we have forgotten. Yet, here we are beneath another sun on another day with another chance. To move beyond our mistakes with the knowledge and experience we have gained. None of the challenges are greater than what we see…

  • Poem – Sense of All

    And in the evening light we chase the floating particles, each a piece of ourselves set free from the fire. In this moment we lose sense of “I” and become the “we” with the trees, the light, the darkness and the whole of the universe.

  • Poem – Home

    In the first minutes of light time stops and I cease to exist as a physical presence and become a flicker in the air. Without name or boundaries I now exist free and at home.

  • Poem – In the Shadows

    In the shadows there is a path there is hope if that is what we choose to see.

  • Poem – Origins

    In the quiet moments free of our internal conversations and struggles, the world around us opens and we hear a song born beyond our vision, carrying with it memories of the first light, of the origin of ourselves.

  • Poem – Silent Music of Creation

    When the nearest stars are observed and the furthest ancient light is discovered we see what became the past far removed from the beginning. If we remove ourselves from physical bonds and trivial thoughts, what used to be feeling transforms into knowing that what is felt and tasted is no different than the first particle…

  • Poem – Here Before

    I have been this way before, down this same path, and most likely not for the last time. I have been here before looking for a road, a way through the ever-increasing obstacles with a distant light ebbing and flowing surrounded in the absolute silence where I only hear my breath and the rising panic…

  • Poem – What We Choose

    Beyond the objects and projections we see there lies the energy and matter, the ancient building blocks arranged in shapes denoted with absorption and reflection of light. What we see exists only at the moment. What we see is an extension of ourselves, of the same fragmented and scattered material coming together through the reality…

  • Poem – Present Memories

    The night becomes the morning and the sun lays across thinning snow and dormant vegetation. The darkness and silence are broken when the trees become engulfed in light. A small window into the vast universe opens above the horizon.

  • Poem – One Mind

    We inhabit this space for reasons we still chase through light and dark through heaven and hell through ancient texts and drawings. The human spirit longs for place, a concrete connection to surroundings, a palpable definition of home. How can we look out there when we do not how we got here? To measure today…