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Across Sand

Across vast red sandsI see your face high in untouched mountains. Passing for years through dust stormsblanketing the planet I lose you. Across unmapped sandsfollowing quiet voices. I forget your facebut remember your name. Filled with sand I have only memoriesof our last spoken words.

Poem – Red Dust (Beyond)

New poem from the “Beyond” series. I awake covered in red dust after the storm passed. In the depths of the crater the sun shone dimly over the edge. I see you left without me moving beyond the fractured surface. There is no blame. There is now only me. Beyond the mountains the sun rises […]
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Poem – The Last Day in This Flesh

The last time I exit the empty field, crossing over the still black water will be the last day in this flesh. On the other side the machines wait with steely patience where they have stood for years. When we next awaken from what seems like a dream we will be near the base of […]
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Poem – Mars

Random Thoughts of Mars, life, its origination Steeped in science fiction stories and the books of lore. On a peaceful and sunny day, scattered clouds thin I looked at the sky toward things I could not physically see and pictured you, dear Mars. The center of attention. Ancient questions of the human race surface with […]
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A beautiful and peaceful evening in MN with 70s and the sun low in the sky, casting light beams through the moon-shapped windows. I have been listening and reading about the Mars rovers and partaking in my own speculation as to what they may find. ┬áThis is proving to be quite inspirational for new poems […]
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