Tag: mind

  • Poem – Shadows

    Thoughts and memories buried deep in our minds originating from time so long ago and across vast distances we become lost in the numbers and mathematics, but the light and energy is seared and imprinted like a birthmark of unknown origin. And we may not know or discover this deep knowledge and history until some…

  • Poem – Morning Sky and Birds

    Early morning walk to the empty fields and the blue sky filled with birds. Wind through the trees refreshing as closed eyes cleared the mind making room for nature.

  • Poem – Until Nothing

    As concrete melts into dirt and grass and skyscrapers become pine trees, I fall into the snow and promise myself to stay until spring. As the snow continues to fall, I am covered until I become the snow and the earth and the roots of spring’s growth. What was a full mind is replaced with…

  • Poem – Empty Fields

    When this life’s pace and chaos become too much I know where I can turn. I return to my roots, I return to the empty fields. Here is a clean slate waiting for the mind to create. They offer possibilities, an endless space to chase and capture dreams. This is where the mind can exist…

  • Poem – Memories

    At the dawn of each day our past experiences become memories frozen in the depths of our mind, kept safe until we need a reminder of how we got here.

  • Poem – Perception and Desire

    The empty field of snow and shadow, a reflection of the desire and intent to start the day new and leave behind the past, build the best path into the future. To become what the mind desires, the field is waiting and as an extension of you and as a plane of existence in universe,…

  • Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 1

    The air I taste and breath surfaces sharp and distinct memories from a time I had forgotten. Across the empty fields losing to the shadows the land becomes the physical manifestation of my mind. I walk around and examine each thread, each connection some are familiar and soft some are foreign and sharp.

  • Poem – Uncertain

    “I have been here before.” A distant memory surfaces detached from the here and now I fail to place when and where. Uncertain I have become of my place in the physical world bound by rules and limitations choking and smothering the spirit. That sunrise knows no bounds stretching beyond what I can see and…

  • Poem – The Mind Focusing

    If my mind were turned inside out, flipped, and away from the lantern in the middle of one field, I imagine when I gained some semblance of control it would manifest as the mind realized in another field coming into focus.

  • Poem – Release

    I awoke – from the ocean pushed deep from the waters weight I could not breath, I could not move, and I could not see outward, but in my mind I swam freely through images, and time, experiences, regrets, and loss. I held these close to my heart to my fractured mind until I became…