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  • Poem – The Sky Gave Nothing Away

    I stood at the base of a mountain on a world far from where I thought I was born and fought the descending wind gathering snow and ice. The sky was void of any star yet shadows moved across fields. The sky gave nothing away and kept directions secret. Crossing snow bridges and stepping between…

  • Poem – Obstacles

    A river with no bridge. A road with no direction. A forest with no path. A mountain with no steps. What obstacles stand in your way?

  • Poem – Ocean

    Across sullen waters I watch the madness play out each evening. And in the morning I watch land recede until I am the ocean.

  • Poem – Rebirth

    Poem – Rebirth

    At the top of the mountain beyond the pass I stopped and looked back at the path I wandered and there were no footsteps in the powdered snow. Further beyond the talus and scree the empty field burns and I watch with waning fear as I let go of that previous version of me burning…

  • Poem – Standing on the Edge

    Standing on the edge of the mountains I have built I am alone and yet my content fills the valley. Shadows cross my eyes and in the that moment waves of snow and ice fall upon me from the heavens. I slept that night on the peak as the sky cleared and the crystal horizon…

  • Poem – Winter Songs – Part 2

    I awoke to the full moon dipping into the cold river. Light sprinkled across the untouched snow except for a single path of recent paw prints leading from the water to the distant tree line lost in the mountain shadow.

  • Poem – Mountain of God

    I have passed this way before. I have seen these desert grains pass through worn and bleeding fingers. I slept beneath these trees and I cried upon the boulders. Yet I do not know where this is, I do not know where I am. The land becomes the sky as the horizon falls away and…

  • Poem – What is Meant to Be

    The day’s chaos subsides as the wind carries my worries away and the trees wrap their limbs around me, I close my eyes and the mountains appear. The day’s battle and the outcome set I relinquish the inner turmoil to the stars as I cross tundra and rivers setting up camp at the foot of…

  • Poem – Random Lines

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ A moment of clarity. Forced distance and disconnection. Reliance on the self. Self reflection. The inner voice surfacing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ At sea the land beomces an opening act as the water becomes the encore and focus. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What was lost becomes clear. Mountain shadows overcome fear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Poem – Mountain King

    Mountain shadows swallow the valley. A single path cuts through dense and overgrown vegetation beneath the ancient forest and persistent shining moon. Millions of years have passed unnoticed to the solitary figure walking alone down this path. He has not rested, has has not slept. He has met no other being. He is the mountain…