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Poem – Destination

The path through the heavy pine and white fog will become the destination you choose.

Poem – On Our Daily Walk

On our daily walk, we follow the same worn trails, make the same turns, and pass the same trees. That pond is empty, covered with algae. That one is home to busy and noisy muskrats. So many times we have have come this way that I follow the dogs as they know where to go […]
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Poem – Silent Music of Creation

When the nearest stars are observed and the furthest ancient light is discovered we see what became the past far removed from the beginning. If we remove ourselves from physical bonds and trivial thoughts, what used to be feeling transforms into knowing that what is felt and tasted is no different than the first particle […]
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The Great Mystery

This was written by Hanakia Zedek, a great friend, brother, and being with no place. http://www.edgemagazine.net/2014/03/the-great-mystery/ To me, the idea of god is no mystery. We simply project our egocentric ideas of self onto a universal model and blam: you have gods relative to belief and culture. The real mystery is all of that space […]
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Short Story – Woman with Buggy

This short story is my first serious attempt at something other than poetry, and a desire to share with everyone. Since our visit to Iceland was in 2004, this story has been in the works for 8 years. It is based on people we met and cultural places that we visited. Below is part 1 […]
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