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John Haines – A Winter Light

A Winter Light, by John Haines We still go about our lives in shadow, pouring the white cup full with a hand half in darkness. Paring potatoes, our heads vent over a dream— glazed window through which the long, yellow sundown looks. By candle or firelight your face still holds a mystery that once filled […]
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Poetry – Mark Doty – To Jackson Pollock

To Jackson Pollock Mark Doty Last night somebody murdered a young tree on Seventh Avenue between 18th and 19th—only two in that block, and just days ago we’d taken refreshment in the crisp and particular shade of that young ginkgo’s tight leaves, its beauty and optimism, though I didn’t think of that word until the […]
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Poetry – Jim Harrison – Return

“Return” by Jim Harrison The sun’s warm against slats of the granary, a puddle of ice in the shadow of the steps; my uncle’s hound lopes across the winter wheat, fresh green cold green. The windmill long out of use, screeches and twists in the wind. Spring day, too loud for talk, when bones tire […]
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Poem – Carl Sandburg – Fog

This reader suggested poem is “Fog” by Carl Sandburg. The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. Poem shared from the following resources. http://carl-sandburg.com/fog.htm http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/174299

2016 National Poetry Month

With April just around the corner, National Poetry Month is upon us. I will be posting selections from writers I have been influenced by over the years, including John Haines of course, to this blog and over at Stone Path Review. If anyone has suggested writers and personal favorites please share here as I would […]
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Current Happenings – National Poetry Month

I am little late, but April is National Poetry Month!  And this year AWP is taking place in Minneapolis.  While not attending AWP, I will be and have been writing a new poem each day and posting here. Daily words and inspiration are being kindly donated by Patricia from Twisted Root Studios. I will also […]
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Poetry Month – Poem by Layman Pang Yun

The following two poems from the book The Recorded Sayings of Layman Pang, Weatherhill 1971, translated from the Chinese by Ruth Fuller Sasaki, Yoshitaka Iriya, and Dana R. Fraser #1 I have a great robe Not of this world’s silk. It can’t be dyed by any color, Being crystalline, like white floss. No scissors were […]
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Poetry Month – Poems By Zen Masters

The following translations are from the book Original Teachings of Chan Buddhism, by Chang Chun-Yuan, A Vintage Book, 1971. From Master Tsao-shan He who says that a dragon is singing in the dry woods Is he who truly sees Tao. The skull has no consciousness, But wisdom’s eye begins to shine in it. If joy […]
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Poetry Month – Poems by Ryokan

Selections 4 and 5 for National Poetry Month. These two poems of Zen Master Ryokan are from Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf, Zen Poems of Ryokan, translated by John Stevens. Untitled If someone asks My abode I reply: “The east edge of The Milky Way.” Like a drifting cloud, Bound by nothing: I just let […]
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Poetry Month – Poems by Robinson Jeffers

Selection #2 and #3 for National Poetry Month is Sign-Post and Evening Ebb by Robinson Jeffers, from his collection The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers, 2001 Stanford. Sign-Post Civilized, crying how to be human again: this will tell you how. Turn outward, love things, not men, turn right away from humanity, Let that doll lie. Consider if […]
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