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Poem – Simple

A quiet evening as the dust settles and chaos is held at bay, watching the sunset with nature’s creatures. Simple. These moments defining a life provide peace and a bit of knowledge grounding our place to and within the world. Advertisements


Poem – Solitude

A red cabin in the woods beneath the pine trees sagging from the winter snow, is all I need for solitude.

Poem – Captured Halos

The black morning hides tall pine trees rising against the star filled sky. The silence broken only by the canines response to the pack of coyotes and their screams. A heavy mist hugs the wet ground and stones glistened with the slightest light. Through the drifting smoke the scattered sun brings to life the forest […]
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Poem – Origins

In the quiet moments free of our internal conversations and struggles, the world around us opens and we hear a song born beyond our vision, carrying with it memories of the first light, of the origin of ourselves.

Poem – Time’s Gift

As with everything time marches in one direction that we perceive but in quiet moments we reflect back on past time, bring it into the present, and savor every morsel we remember.

Poem – Matter

Sitting on the warm patio the afternoon sun is calm and soothing. The wind from the north is strong and cool – we shade our eyes. The grass recently lost its cover and the yard is brown and crunches beneath dog’s feet. The sky is blue and filled with black wings – we watch ravens […]
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Poem – How Many

Each day rolls into the next nothing has changed except the distance between the smile and the struggle within the person becoming more of a shell… How many more days can I keep this going? Inside I am me, but fear it has to be repressed, kept quiet and hidden, exposed through what others want […]
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Reading and writing

To help with my writing funk, I’ve been reading a lot more than usual.  And that advice is always given to writers: read more.  Read different genres or subjects than what you are writing about.  This helps to expand your mental awareness and give a larger pool of ideas and images to the mind and […]
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Christmas Day, Lutsen

Christmas Day brings thoughts of family, friends, beliefs and what helps us to get through each day. We headed north into the cold and snow to spend the time within nature, at the beckon call of deer and raven, and fell asleep each day to the methodical splashing of water on the frozen shoreline. Rising […]
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Poem – Mind Games

Trying to get my head straight. I stare carelessly out the second floor windows at burnt yellow and green leaves. Not much wind is blowing. Even with a stifling heat and little wind, there is something calming about this later afternoon, some other white noise is present. On the verge of sleep my eyes are […]
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