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  • Poem – The Bridge

    Poem – The Bridge

    Years ago, after the moment passed, one of those life changing decisions that, somewhere inside, I know altered my chemistry, my core and will reside with me the rest of this life, and each that may follow, I said to myself, years from now, will I forgive, regret, or forget? Now I am here today,…

  • Glacier View, Alaska – ATV Tour

    We spent August 7th with Glacier View ATV Tours at mile 99 of Glenn Highway in Glacier View, Alaska.  We were fortunate to have the trails to ourselves and be guided by Tommy, one of the owners, for 2.5 hours of ATV riding through open fields, forest and to the top with a view over…

  • Poem – Arrival

    Turning back with empty hands they find the path along the river. Rain begins as they near the forest and where they last arrived. Stopping at the treeline they wait through changing seasons. – to be continued –

  • Poem – Obstacles

    A river with no bridge. A road with no direction. A forest with no path. A mountain with no steps. What obstacles stand in your way?

  • Poem – The Border Kingdom

    (1) We drive the dusty road east from the mountains toward the flat land not divulging any secrets from this distance. Still morning the intense sun withers fallen vegetation and quickly dissipates dew clinging to cactus needles. We have not spoken since the pass where we studied the horizon surveying what we left behind and…

  • Photos from Colorado, 2009

    Some long overdue photos from a 2009 road trip to Colorado.

  • Poem – Revolution Rooted in Ancient Lands

    40 Days become 40 years and the revolution/transformation I began culminates from the mountain peak. Into the valley life flows as the new sun rises over the range. Caribou continue their thousand mile trek across vast swaths of land following their ancestors hoofs. I teeter on this ridge and see beyond the glacier fed waters…

  • Poem – See, Turn, and Return

    (1) What defines the human spirit when we are pushed to our limits? What ghosts are we chasing through day and night? Are ghosts chasing us through valleys and up mountains? (2) I see the moon in a dewdrop, does the moon see me? I look across the river as the black wolf approaches. I…

  • Poem – Winter Songs – Part 2

    I awoke to the full moon dipping into the cold river. Light sprinkled across the untouched snow except for a single path of recent paw prints leading from the water to the distant tree line lost in the mountain shadow.

  • Poem – What Becomes

    (1) Long ago that path became an object in the mirror fading into the dust of the present experiences. I look back with nostalgia at moments I have built and pieced together from the scenes I have witnessed, the people met and the forgotten glorified sense of purpose. (2) What becomes of the road after…