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Poem – The Search

The sound of metal scraping across rock strewn fields is not the imagination filling time with stories and distracting thoughts away from what appears to be inevitable. No, that really is the machines emerging from the dense forest. That is the machines rewiring fluid thoughts, adapting to the immediate environment while focusing on the assigned […]
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Poem – Searching the Earth

Surrounded by more questions than answers the day continues the race from yesterday. Searching the earth for clues, a sign, some semblance of another part of ourselves, perhaps one that has answers, one that has been down that path before. We scrape the dry hardened ground and find nothing. Hands steeped in dirt the afternoon […]
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The Search

The goal is not to chase and find enlightenment – it is already within. The goal and path is to uncover who we already are as people, as neighbors, as caretakers of this earth.

Poem – The Dead Sea

Standing before my reality, I see the ruins. A civilization gone before my eyes. The pillars stand above the land, where someone’s life started. Standing alone on a cliff, I see what remains. The water flows beneath my feet, From the canal to the Dead Sea. People from the old world came to start again, […]
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Poem – LHC

the search is on the game has begun what is this matter we swim within? where did everything come from? many answers are sought to questions we think are rational, reasonable, and in reach. are we prepared or aware for the opposite? for the answers that we do not know? for the remote possibilities for […]
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The Well is Barren

I have had a few days off of work. Before this, I came up with a great plan in my head of the projects I would work on, new words I would write, manuscripts I would submit. Days have passed and projects have collected more dust and words have vanished. I have gotten good at […]
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Searching and Finding

Surrounded by Zen and Buddhism magazines, books reviews, and the latest issue of Edge Magazine, I pause for a moment. What am I looking for? Is there a concrete reason all of these words, images, advice, poems, other peoples lives, surround me? What do I take from this? I continue my studies of Zen Master […]
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Poem – Solace

The broken sky appears over the horizon as the highway opens and we begin descending into Grand Marais. Across the calm water orange specks gather and coagulate until the whitish streaks are consumed by the setting sun. A sense of home or place elusive the past few months flawlessly and automatically distills itself within us. […]
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Poem – Who or What

Who or what is God? Thinking back… I found myself wallowing in the void, self-created and endless. Days had no definition, no number – fueled by the routine I let go of hope, giving myself in. I let the fog consume the landscape until the last light I saw disappeared and I no longer had […]
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The Medicine Man

The medicine man imparted these words before transforming into a raven and vanishing from this space: Stop thinking. Know. Forced thinking, what you seek dissapears. Beyond the mountain the valleys are deep and wide. Going into them blind, distracted thinking, will consume you. Instead enter the gate and immediately stop. See your arms outstretched. Welcome […]
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