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  • Imagine What is Lost

    Imagine What is Lost

    We know there is no land within what we can see with the naked eye or binoculars, and the maps we poured over in the outdoor gear store confirm this when looking due east. However, in the very early morning as the sun reaches over the top and the sky lights up exposing low hanging…

  • Poem – Secrets

    Behind the red glass what being or consciousness watches our every move? The voice behind the glass asks one clear question: why won’t you let me out? Beneath the new moon questions become more frequent, secrets begin to spill. ** From the series “The Integration”

  • Poem – LHC

    the search is on the game has begun what is this matter we swim within? where did everything come from? many answers are sought to questions we think are rational, reasonable, and in reach. are we prepared or aware for the opposite? for the answers that we do not know? for the remote possibilities for…