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Poem – Captured Halos

The black morning hides tall pine trees rising against the star filled sky. The silence broken only by the canines response to the pack of coyotes and their screams. A heavy mist hugs the wet ground and stones glistened with the slightest light. Through the drifting smoke the scattered sun brings to life the forest […]
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Poem – Emerging

Emerging from the forest through the last barrier of this life, beasts of the past intertwined with shadows roam through the open field playing out their purpose. Standing out of their way as I am a visitor passing to the next life. Crossing the field I am met by concrete and metal machines. Is this […]
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Poem – What Remains

What remains shrouded in smoke behind the veil we created? What is left when the empty field clears and our eyes open? So many questions remain at the end of each day with little reprieve to find the answers. The fires build and we respond or let them burn out with no intervention. I return […]
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Poem – What Becomes

(1) Long ago that path became an object in the mirror fading into the dust of the present experiences. I look back with nostalgia at moments I have built and pieced together from the scenes I have witnessed, the people met and the forgotten glorified sense of purpose. (2) What becomes of the road after […]
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Poem – Cleansed Through Smoke and Fire

On the earth I walk with light steps and place fallen branches in the pit. To the sky I gaze through pine trees and watch smoke disperse to the heavens. To my future self I set the path, wash away the dirt, and cleanse the soul.

Poem – Fort Snelling

Another poem from the “Joline” series. (1) We walked to the river beneath the towering cement bridge. A solitary barge moved with grace and silence. Our voices were not silent. Djarum smoke filled the space between us as we took turns speaking and telling stories releasing pent-up anger. I felt your direction was directionless you […]
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Poem – War Child

Standing among the ruins. He looks out over to the west, as the sun sets upon the land And the smoke billows from the ruins. Many thoughts at once run through his mind and collide. He stands alone, afraid to look. Afraid to ask. In his arms, he holds all that is left of his […]
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“Marya”, Early Years

Deep black eyes partially hidden by disheveled hair draped across petite shoulders beneath black leather jacket. Leaning against a chain link fence, the face gives nothing away no indication, no hint of the inner struggle. Each image one piece of some story, each word formed into sentences into paragraphs. Arms at each side, long fingers […]
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