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  • Poem – At the End of the Day

    Poem – At the End of the Day

    Cast from expectations of treeless horizons and concrete enforced cities, we landed here within the forest which quickly enveloped us. Towering pines scatter the August afternoon and we run through fallen needles and shadows. At the end of the day we rest in the native grases and watch butterfly wings open and close.

  • Good morning from Leroy and Vinny

    Good morning from Leroy and Vinny

    Looking at the calendar, over a month has passed since my last post here. Where does the time go? I would like to say that I was in the midst of some grand adventure, but that would not be true! Life. Just life happening, and dealing with the daily grind, the obligations, and the 9-to-5.…

  • Poem – Simple

    A quiet evening as the dust settles and chaos is held at bay, watching the sunset with nature’s creatures. Simple. These moments defining a life provide peace and a bit of knowledge grounding our place to and within the world.

  • Poem – A Childhood in Retrospect

    Shifting through photos I feel no connection, no recognition to the person with time and years ahead of them, looking to the future. Pausing at one in particular in the midst of summer, oak leaves burning with white light, the sun slowly fading into the horizon behind the hill at the street’s end. What was…

  • Poem – Silent Awakening

    Summer. Days of long hot sun, the wind scorching exposed skin and throwing sand and twigs everywhere. Summer. Early mornings when the sun first reaches above the pine tree tops and the light squirms its way through openings in the pole barn roof, tapping on closed eyes. Slowly the whippoorwill across the seasonal creek is…

  • Beauty in the Gray

  • Rising Phoenix

  • Poem – I am Out There

    (1) Frequent glimpses of moving shadows and white figures. (2) One last time I enter the cold darkness and find a mass near the bushes, but this object reflects nor consumes light and I immediately feel a connection and cry when I know this is my shadow. (3) A view across the expanse of empty…

  • Poem – Late Summer

    With the charged air wavering between summer and autumn we walked beneath the canopies throwing scattered light on faces thankful for the sun thankful for the peace within the city. Thinking only about my feet and where they land next I closed my eyes and kept moving along the path I opened my eye and…

  • Poem – Accept What is Given

    I awoke whole with an empty mind. I left the front door into the morning air filled with mist and raven calls from treetops surrounding the small pond. I was along and not alone and took comfort in murky sun giving away purple light.