Today is the beginning of the end of this world.

If that is true, I would like to give thanks: to the universe for allowing me to be here and write, to the previous lives providing experience and never-ending energy, to my family, brother and parents, to Patricia for belief, and uncompromising love.

If we wake tomorrow in the same shell, there is work to be done.

Judgment Day should be a time of reflection, and judging how we are toward each other, the community, ourselves within the community, and judging our self within.

What can we do to be a better person? What can we do to bridge so many gaps and chasms separating us from each other, and further isolating people physically, emotionally, and intellectually?

Through pen I hope to bridge the spiritual gap regardless of one’s belief in how we got here, what exists out there. Spending time worrying about the things we cannot see, the things beyond, take away from now, from what is here, what is within. We each have our own field with things growing and obstructing views over the plains into the sunrise and sunset. Now is the time to cultivate this field. Cut away the layers suffocating the being within, the weeds, and obstacles blocking the path, that you chose time ago, and are now ready to walk upon.

There is definite turmoil in this world as things fight for power and fight back against what oppresses. The world, the community, is seeking to rebalance and find some type of peace, a coexistence that stops the ripples across the matrix. Nature, the environment we walk within because she allows us to, seeks a balance where we respect what she is, what her role is. We seek balance to define what our role is and find a purpose, to make something of the life and time given to us now.

Whatever you want to call the event that triggers a pause, a moment of reflection (Judgment Day, the shift, 2012), it is important to know that what we need is within, that each of us has our own unique power and instincts, and it is an extension of the universe, that space we float within and without, travelling from dark corners across light-years over all time. The energy we possess that causes each cell to vibrate, never dies, and can never be distinguished. It will re-disburse to another time to reemerge as another being whatever you choose that to be. It is your choice.

I will end this with a quote from the poet and essayist John Haines (“Fables and Distances”), who passed away earlier this year:

“We speak of nature, of the natural world, as if that were something distinct from ourselves and the social world we appear to have made, seldom noticing that we are in nature and never out of it…”

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