Finding Zen / Peace – Part 3

Carving out space each day, even minutes at a time, helps to build a zone within which we can live and escape to when the chaos becomes too much. By escaping, I do not mean to hide and pretend that these things are not happening, or to hole up and ignore the outside world. That is not practical, nor a healthy way to live and function.

The zone I refer to is this: to be aware of what is happening and at the same time, not allow it to be internalized. Any emotional response should be minimized. Be aware of your place in the moment, and aware of you reaction, to think first before responding. Over time, this will become more natural, to the point where you do not have to think – it happens. At first, a deliberate pause must be taken to assess the environment and the characters, including you, and the role that each is playing. While you are responsible for yourself and cannot control others – but can exert influence as not reacting is an action that influences – awareness of the surroundings to gather a complete picture is critical.

Raven call echoes across the calm lake from a treetop on the shoreline. A rhythmic and periodic break in the silence, and I am able to count the pause and the space between each call. I watch the reflection of one of many Rock Mountain peaks materialize in the still water moments before the sun’s disk is fully seen.

To aid in resetting how I deal with and manage situations out of my control, yet exerting influence on my space, the following are important skills or things I actively remember and work on each day.

1. Patience.
With yourself and others.

2. Roots.
Where I came from, the environment I was raised within, and its influence throughout my time, whether I am aware of this or not.

3. Sense of place.
Where I am now, how I inhabit this space or plane of existence. Also refers to what encompasses now: past, future, and the present.

4. Awareness of your sphere of influence.
How your actions, emotions, and feelings exert direct/indirect influence on the environment and other people around you.

5. Awareness that everyone has a sphere of influence.
The reverse is true that another person’s sphere of influence will affect your actions and potentially your path.

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