Stars travel millions of miles to come here
Greeted by curious eyes and machines in heaven
Large saucer-shaped ears in burning dessert sands
Metallic beings wait in silence for fluctuations and signals
Differing from the perception of normal defined
By graphs numbers and extensions of the human mind.

What if we are the fluctuation and in the end
Standing before the grand being we have
Only been looking for ourselves?

A search for life on planets resembling
The earthly base we call home.
A list of criteria is checked
As each ball of mass is discovered.

Is there water?
What is the distance from a sun?
How is night and day divided?
How many days for the planet to orbit its sun?
What is the gravitational force on the surface?
Are there landmasses?
Do the landmasses shift?
What are the average high and low temperatures?
Does it rain?
Is there acid in that rain?
What comprises the organic structure of the clouds?
Does life already exist, waiting to be “discovered”?

Machines search for life here
The 3rd rock from the sun
In obscure and uninhabitable places
Deep sea volcanic vents of super-heated minerals
Extreme cold beneath ancient ice of Antarctica
A precursor to other worlds, perhaps
Or the chase for the crown of existence
That we must not be alone that we must
Discover what else there is.

What if they are looking for us?
Another race on another planet
Building a new world order and justifying
The need, the cause, the chase while
Exhausting the time and resources
Lain at their bare feet while the mountains
And forests fall to the raging fires?

Time brings more beings jostling
For what becomes more precious each day
And the search for other options becomes
Necessary and critical.

But at the expense of now will
Leave nothing when a new home is found
And the children watching this drama unfold
With opening eyes will turn within
To the fire burning their dreams.

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