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Poem – Coffee and Cigarettes

From a series of poems and prose about Joline Cigarette smoke settles between us a soft crackle with each hit between each sip of coffee. An ash falls from yours while we discuss literature, Chaucer, and final exams. Looking back, we were just kids racing toward adults from one credit to the next. Concerned with […]
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Jackson Pollock Poem – Black 1912

Shadow handcuffs removed visible light vanquished every days truth challenged the mirror turns inside out. In the year of 1912 what was known understood, even accepted, began to shift. Paradoxes emerged and the human mind sourced from beyond these four walls, sparse apple trees planted last fall, the blood-red sky of early winter morning – […]
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Jackson Pollock

While I am not that educated when it comes to art, and in particular painting, I am fascinated with Jackson Pollock. ¬†We were going to feature him in an issue of Stone Pack Review, but that has changed. ¬†Instead, I will post some photos and text here. Like many people, I was first exposed to […]
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