Tag: animals

  • Leroy Turning 7

    This little button recently turned 7. I am continually humbled by the trust animals can have in people and the life changing experiences they provide.

  • Playtime

    Nothing is more sacred and meaningful than the trust of an animal. Nothing is a better cure for stress and anxiety than playtime with puppies.

  • Poem – Pure Spirits

    A chance to put on-hold obligations and deadlines and dive into nature with the purest of spirits.

  • Poem – Infinity

    Removed from the city even for an afternoon layers of stress and blocks fall away, replaced by what the wind brings, what the trees take, and what the animals are willing to share. How else to rebuild the soul than to witness firsthand the infinite cycle of nature, of earth, of home?

  • Poem – Where Chaos is Held at Bay

    Moments the chaos is held at bay when the pine filled sky sways and the ravens visit and the earth releases pungency. Each weeks struggle to fit in to complete what is expected to fulfil obligations takes its toll on the mind, the body, further distancing my connection to the forest and each animal, a…

  • Poem – When the Tree Speaks My Name

    Weeks have passed since my last visit. Jack pine needles blanket the pole barn’s roof a painting of solid green and brown slivers. The front porch is covered with maple and oak leaves, spider webs and left-over wood that was cut for fires. What used to be a driveway is now in the beginning stages…

  • From a Puppy

    We brought Leroy home in early 2011, shortly after I returned from Alaska.  I was apprehensive of bringing this tiny life home and the responsibility that came with her.  Would we be good pet owners, provide the right nutrition, walks, exercise, training, keep her safe?  What do we do when traveling, or simply running errands?…

  • A Boy and His Dog

    Childhood memories of running through the yard, of dirt being kicked up, of throwing a ball and a flash of red whizzing by – there is nothing like a boy and his dog. Growing up with at least two dogs (along with cats, birds, fish, gerbils) at any time, there was no boredom to be…

  • Every End Leads to a Beginning

    The last day of September leads quietly into October.  Summer takes one last swipe before fall takes the reins.  The afternoon sun is bright and unfiltered – adding a golden glow around each leaf and blade of grass. Every ending, marks the beginning of something, a continuation perhaps of the previous story, or a fresh…

  • Relatedness

    I came across this photo on Facebook and cannot help but be mesmerized by their faces and everything it symbolizes.  These are Japanese Macaque, also called Snow Monkeys.  They appear to be in a hot spring, possibly in Japan.  I find it impossible to look at this, their face, expressions, and not know we are…