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  • Poem – Joline – This is Not Working

    This is not working. Playing the other role, hoping for something benign, I asked what this was. You threw your cigarette. Landing with orange ash slowly rising into the early autumn air, as you dropped from the cement wall and walked away forever.

  • Poem – Path Cast From Dreams

    Emerging from the depths, wrangling free from its grips, I took the only path I knew, the only path that still made sense. Cast from recent dreams the path wavered and moved as I passed through, the grey sky dripped with bright colors painting the trees and grasses. jpg”>

  • Poem – Fragile Thread

    The sunless grey sky releases an afternoon rain pushing leaves beginning to transition to bright yellows and deep reds. Each drop’s ripple in the pond, each leaf that falls through wind and rain a reminder of nature’s course in time and the fragile thread we all cling to.

  • Poem – Autumn Wind

    Shadows from high-clouds in the early afternoon pass over our faces soaking in the autumn wind.

  • An Autumn Day, From Beginning to End

  • Poem – Autumn

    The autumn sky wraps blue fingers around the tall pine trees and in this embrace we watch the story unfold.

  • Video – Perfect Drone Crash and Over the Trees

    A beautiful day to capture an autumn skyline above the clouds and crashing into a tree at 15mph.

  • Poem – Calming

    What more can I ask for, what more can I expect, than the colors of autumn calming the chaos within.

  • Poem – Home

    Home is that place with the open gate and the familiar road lined with tree shadows and silence of a full heart and a clear mind.

  • Flying Over the Forest

    Video flying over the forest and a wonderful view of an early autumn sky with the Autel Robotics X-Star and an ND8 camera filter from Freewell.

  • Video – Fall in Northern MN

  • Poem – Late Summer

    With the charged air wavering between summer and autumn we walked beneath the canopies throwing scattered light on faces thankful for the sun thankful for the peace within the city. Thinking only about my feet and where they land next I closed my eyes and kept moving along the path I opened my eye and…

  • Poem – Voice

    Through the open window a voice whispering garbled words drifted in with the autumn breeze filled with the sea. Through the morning light reflecting off floating dust I walked to the window overlooking the center of town. Empty fountain, streets, and cafe tables sat in the mountain shadows. In the distance a church steeple rises…

  • Poem – Do You?

    Do you remember where you were that night in the autumn the first hard freeze and the sky exploding with clouds and light? I will never forget where I was standing near the pond filled with an orange reflection waiting for the call, for you.

  • Poem – The Day Wisdom Came from the Clouds Above

    (1) Summer months fell into the autumn. Mist clung to pine before the sun rose. Brown needles falling from the sky slide down the barn’s green metal roof. We walk past fallen trees, piles of brush, two tree stumps to be removed, knee-high patches of weeds and wild flowers, a bat house, three thistle-filled socks,…