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Pushing Through

Pushing through the pain we see the end. Our vision expanded beyond our sphere. Perhaps we see the next milestone that offers a glimmer of hope. A sign post that we are almost there and on the other side across the chasm we are a better version of ourselves individually and collectively ready for the […]
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Poem – Stars

And we sailed in a cosmic boat made from dreams across an ocean of stars. Guided by distant energy we only feel drawn to what we do not yet see. Paddling through stellar dust we travelled through star nurseries. Something on the other side draws us closer as we lose track of the passing years. […]
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Poem – The Border Kingdom

(1) We drive the dusty road east from the mountains toward the flat land not divulging any secrets from this distance. Still morning the intense sun withers fallen vegetation and quickly dissipates dew clinging to cactus needles. We have not spoken since the pass where we studied the horizon surveying what we left behind and […]
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Poem – Suns

In the quiet moments as our sun falls behind the mountains, the sky becomes filled with the distant suns of alien planets and we begin to understand our place.

Poem – Winter’s Song

I lost my breath in the empty field. Lost in the blinding snow. Thrown over the mountain tops. In the silence I heard winter’s song. I ran across the iced field in near darkness my bare feet light and swift as I cast no shadow and left no trace. I ran across the iced field […]
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Poem – When Darkness Becomes All That We Know

Grey infused frozen water consumes the last light before the fields darken. Distant planets follow me from dawn until dusk and a new world emerges where I have become one with beings and energy I do not understand yet make sense at levels I did not know existed. I left my field years before I […]
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Poem – Reflection

The calendar turns an arbitrary delineation time passing one numbered year to another. Moving through and beyond this system of numerals the flow becomes more chaotic, less understood, more beautiful. When the meaning is removed when each layer is peeled away we find inside everything we hope for, everything we dream of, everything we can […]
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Poem – Deconstructed, part 3 (Fracture 12)

Have we met before? Perhaps on a distant planet, on the other side of the known universe. White and gold petals scattered through the void we cannot see, while consuming everything we do see. I stand within light on a floating island. The willow tree comforts me on the long journey from planet to planet, […]
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Poem – Deconstructed, part 1

The sea laps at empty shorelines. Rocks cast empty shadows. Tree leaves fall through empty space. Ground swells erupt across empty fields. The faceless moon speaks of empty origins the billion year story. Wheat and corn stalks gather snow flakes from an empty blue sky. Where is this? A cylindrical vessel floats off the coast […]
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Poem – Waiting

Across the sea of sand and water thousands of miles away weeks and months may pass before we hear your voice. To forget about the time and placate our worried and disjointed thoughts we look for your face and hopefully a smile in someone’s photograph.