Tag: essence

  • Poem – Random Thoughts #2

    Oak holds up the changing sky. What is beyond insanity? At what point do we lose the essence of self, cascading into another state of being, plunged into the darkness that is nothing and everything? And with each turn the city of industry hides, changes, destroys what I previously knew and where I came from.

  • Every End Leads to a Beginning

    The last day of September leads quietly into October. ┬áSummer takes one last swipe before fall takes the reins. ┬áThe afternoon sun is bright and unfiltered – adding a golden glow around each leaf and blade of grass. Every ending, marks the beginning of something, a continuation perhaps of the previous story, or a fresh…

  • I walked in the Valley of Shadows

    I walk the valley of shadow and darkness looking for you, not your physical self but the essence left behind by the deeds and missions you have accomplished and completed, the sacrifices you have made and the self shaped through layers of experiences, yet we know the real person beneath.