Tag: fire

  • Poem – Cleansed Through Smoke and Fire

    On the earth I walk with light steps and place fallen branches in the pit. To the sky I gaze through pine trees and watch smoke disperse to the heavens. To my future self I set the path, wash away the dirt, and cleanse the soul.

  • Poem – What is this Fire We Walk Within?

    I don’t need words and pages to explain the concept of hell – just being human, just living will teach you invaluable lessons, will drag you through depths testing and defining character while breaking what you thought you know, who you thought you were. Hell is boundless and placeless – stop for a moment while…

  • Poem – Fire

    Winter is finally put to rest, for now, as the sky turns black and the forest bends in the hour filled with frequent strikes and increasing intensity, the dry earth quick to give up secrets, quick to burn before the rain arrives.

  • Poem – Layered Sky

    Layered autumn sky like the waves rising from the horizon minutes before landing at the shore. Sky layered like the chapters of a life lived and lived hard – pages become the days counted since the beginning of time – that experience we survived emerging from the fire carrying the fragments that are left –…

  • Perspective

    As the wind blows across sand, rocks, and driftwood I marvel at the change within me that I am aware of. Time has not softened the being, but strengthened through experiences and exposure to a world so scary as a child. Reaching out beyond the close-knit sphere I sought to understand the blood and tears…

  • Poem – Before

    Before this fire painted the sky. Water and rivers of molten earth. The sun guarding the primordial land before we arrived.

  • Poem – I Touched Heaven

    The other evening with autumn at hand we place wood upon the fire poplar engaged in a slow dance, a foreign beat the crackle and sizzle fade away. Your eyes take my eyes Your lips embrace my lips. I touched Heaven

  • Poem – What We Must Do

    In the first light of day we head from the city into the greening forest filled with bird voices. We reached the bottom of the first hill when we stopped in our tracks – remains of a deer. For the 3rd time in the last three years, we have found the reamins of deer while…

  • Poem – Beginning of a Season in Hell

    I am petrified, The walls surrounding me Reaching towards Heaven and Hell Thoughts consumed, Turn towards the past What I had and lost and what I gave up I see her image, Like I remember Her warm touch, Her warm tears upon my cheek A deep voice to protect me Further back I travel to…

  • Poem – Walked Across the Field

    I walked across that empty field after the weeds took over and boulders fell from the darkening sky and trees took root. I walked across what used to be the empty field a gameboard for my mind a history of what has taken place, what I allowed to happen and I threw gasoline everywhere and…