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Poem – A Reflection in Time

The child stares into the mirror of the adult he is to become and both wonder why. the adult sees a child running through sand ahead of the waves and the look of amazement when birds take flight the child sees an adult lost black eyes cold and the look of bewilderment when he realizes […]
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Poem – Eyes

In what appears as two strangers passing in an overcrowded train station waiting to be taken home, I saw you in the mirror and aside from the same face, the eyes were deeper, content, focused on today.

Poem – An Eye Turned Inward

It is frighteningly easy to give up hope and lose a sense of place and purpose when the earth is scorched and the people are lost. Miles and oceans separate lives, cultures, borders, and tragedies. Arbitrary definitions aim to keep lines drawn and natural tendencies in check, but this only suppresses the internal instincts, the […]
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Poem – The Sea – Part 1

Part one of “The Sea”. Part two should be up in a couple of days. Across the sea of glass an island of trees bending heads bowed the sun does not live here has not in years. One tree is black not the green you would expect and it moves with the wind and occasionally […]
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New Poetry on Beneath the Remains (2)

New poetry has been posted on “Beneath the Remains.” Blood Voice with no Voice

Poem – Mirror 2

Some mornings the face turns and questions. I have no answers except confusion and distance. Is this where I wanted to be? Which version of me made this decision? If now is the culmination of three – past, present, and future… and I see this confluence in the mirror what does the reflection see? Are […]
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New Poetry on Beneath the Remains

New poetry has been posted on “Beneath the Remains.” As I Mirror Mirror 2

Poem – Mirror

The mirror is still and silent. The mirror has no voice. The mirror follows me neither of us has a choice. I watch myself watching me. The mirror reflects the sky reflecting the sea. Passing time has brought changes and distance the face grey with wrinkles this person makes less sense. How did I get […]
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Poem – Fragments from Absentia 19

(1) In this dream I watched your silhouette dress. Sounds of the streets below carried by the autumn wind. We had a place to be but I do not remember where. I caught a glance of your eyes in the mirror and the soft blue with a hint of smile told me this was not […]
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Poem – Where is the Path?

The burning city settles below the horizon as evening darkens trees and empty streets. ~ Lost into haze I let go and allow instincts to guide me through each day, unaware of each step and each mile that passes, I arrive and I leave this space. ~ I see black shadows across the ceiling, in […]
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