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Poem – Simple

A quiet evening as the dust settles and chaos is held at bay, watching the sunset with nature’s creatures. Simple. These moments defining a life provide peace and a bit of knowledge grounding our place to and within the world.

Poem – Existence

The dirt road lined with pine and poplar exists in familiar land and on the map, but standing here beneath the northern sky as the cool wind brushes the lake, I am without time or space. In moments where I become aware of my contact with the earth, does it matter where I exist physically […]
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Poem – What is a Life?

What is a life but the experiences and memories, the fragments pieced together as the sentient being. What is a life but the place we fill within the world we see and the universe unseen. “We speak of nature, of the natural world, as if that were something distinct from ourselves and the social world […]
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Poem – Suns

In the quiet moments as our sun falls behind the mountains, the sky becomes filled with the distant suns of alien planets and we begin to understand our place.

Poem – This Way Before

I have been down this path before that empty silent road leading nowhere and everywhere, the cold wind, the bare trees, and the sky merging with the earth – where does it end and where does it go? I have been in that state of disconnect, beyond lost, detached from people, from reality, from myself, […]
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Poem – Nowhere

I walk the path half here and half there that place that has no name and when I close my eyes I become engulfed in the falling white petals from the ancient sky.

Poem – Renewal

The dirt path changed to stone and as time passed I lost my place. Emerging from one realm to another this one was foreign. And yet familiar if I closed my eyes, like some part of me crossed here before. And yet distant, the remote connection either passed or not arrived. Between two possibilities I […]
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Poem – Place

I was not meant to be in this place, at this time. Distant fields of clover and Indian grass fold into itself as mountains rise from the virgin earth and we are witness to the changing landscape, to the dawn of a new era. The relative nature of space and time the fluctuations bring me […]
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Poem – The Sea – Part 1

Part one of “The Sea”. Part two should be up in a couple of days. Across the sea of glass an island of trees bending heads bowed the sun does not live here has not in years. One tree is black not the green you would expect and it moves with the wind and occasionally […]
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Poem – Untitled

Empty streets absorb and reflect yellow lamps and release the shadows of wandering souls and children. This is what has become of the city we dearly loved. ~ Before the sun hands over the day to the moon we drive west on main street until we leave town and 2-story houses are replaced with red […]
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