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  • Moving Forward

    Moving Forward

    Another year coming to a close.Another obstacle is looming in the night. The truth is difficult to see through the fog and mist.I lose myself in the storms and barrage. Reflection upon what matters most is heightened.I turn inward to those close,To those weathering the hurricane,and moving forward against the odds. Stepping back amidst the…

  • Poem – Reflections on What Proceeded Today

    Poem – Reflections on What Proceeded Today

    In the last few hours of the year.Superior is awake and talking. Waves are heard before they appear as bulges in the sea,crashing on rocks unable to freeze. The old cabin windows rattle and shake,before settling down until the next wave arrives. Pine and cedar branches weighed with snow,bobbing amidst the cold onslaught. Trees standing…

  • Poem – A Reflection in Time

    The child stares into the mirror of the adult he is to become and both wonder why. the adult sees a child running through sand ahead of the waves and the look of amazement when birds take flight the child sees an adult lost black eyes cold and the look of bewilderment when he realizes…

  • Poem – Eyes

    In what appears as two strangers passing in an overcrowded train station waiting to be taken home, I saw you in the mirror and aside from the same face, the eyes were deeper, content, focused on today.

  • Poem – Fragmented Days

    The more we hear the more we turn away from the voices carried from beyond the horizon on broken winds as each day chips away at the armor. Thoughts scatter through the empty field past the tree line and I stop at the border. What inhabits the forest I cannot see or hear? Days broken.…

  • Poem – Do You?

    Do you remember where you were that night in the autumn the first hard freeze and the sky exploding with clouds and light? I will never forget where I was standing near the pond filled with an orange reflection waiting for the call, for you.

  • Poem – Mirror

    The mirror is still and silent. The mirror has no voice. The mirror follows me neither of us has a choice. I watch myself watching me. The mirror reflects the sky reflecting the sea. Passing time has brought changes and distance the face grey with wrinkles this person makes less sense. How did I get…

  • Picture of the Day: The Sky Shadow – Mt. Rainier

  • Poem – Reflection

    The calendar turns an arbitrary delineation time passing one numbered year to another. Moving through and beyond this system of numerals the flow becomes more chaotic, less understood, more beautiful. When the meaning is removed when each layer is peeled away we find inside everything we hope for, everything we dream of, everything we can…

  • Sea-swept reflection