Tag: respect

  • Playtime

    Nothing is more sacred and meaningful than the trust of an animal. Nothing is a better cure for stress and anxiety than playtime with puppies.

  • Poem – Promise

    That evening I played in the snow and ice crossing fields and hiking uphill as the air dropped below zero and I promised the sun and moon to listen and be respectful.

  • To Share Their Space

    In the presence of nature, the creatures with alert eyes and deep breath, we are humbled by them allowing us to share their space, to trust our own actions, and in return they can just play.

  • Trust and Respect

    All animals have the capacity for trust if we respect them first.

  • Poem – Downward Eyes

    From the highest peaks and the lowest depths. From the valleys and the oceans. We cast downward eyes as her voice is heard. When our heads rise we see her presence we hear her voice we know what we should do.

  • Poem, for Earth Day

    My breath from the trees. My liquid from the oceans. My feet upon the earth. Each day, each second should be in your honor. Each task, each decision should be in your image. Through you we can attain peace.

  • Perspective

    As the wind blows across sand, rocks, and driftwood I marvel at the change within me that I am aware of. Time has not softened the being, but strengthened through experiences and exposure to a world so scary as a child. Reaching out beyond the close-knit sphere I sought to understand the blood and tears…

  • Poem – To No One

    I sat down to write what’s consuming my mind day in and day out. I thought on the state of the world the wars, the drought, the famine – the social and environmental issues that continue to plague all beings. I thought about what can we do I thought about what can I do. What…

  • Poem – What We Must Do

    In the first light of day we head from the city into the greening forest filled with bird voices. We reached the bottom of the first hill when we stopped in our tracks – remains of a deer. For the 3rd time in the last three years, we have found the reamins of deer while…

  • The Search, Revisited

    The goal is not to chase and find enlightenment – it is already within. The goal and path is to uncover who we already are as beings, as people, as neighbors, as caretakers of this earth, with respect and peace. So much time is spent chasing something out there, just beyond our reach. The energy…