The black morning hides tall pine trees
rising against the star filled sky.

The silence broken only by the canines response
to the pack of coyotes and their screams.

A heavy mist hugs the wet ground
and stones glistened with the slightest light.

Through the drifting smoke
the scattered sun brings to life the forest

illuminated in halos captured in photos
that will help remember the peace and quiet.

A quick trip up north to get out of the house and play. I was also “gravelled” again by the small critters who like to hide seeds, corn, and other goodies in my boots.

2016-01-29 11.38.47

2016-01-29 11.38.54

2016-01-29 11.40.00

Moments the chaos is held at bay
when the pine filled sky sways
and the ravens visit
and the earth releases
its pungent scent.

The lonely path tunneled
through the daily routine
and expectations.

The tunnel became your
gateway and hiding place,
a retreat when life
became too real, a distraction.

Did you ever see the
colors of the sunset?

Or even then was
the winter sun awash of colors,
a gray scale landscape
pushing you inward?

Removed from the city
even for an afternoon
layers of stress and blocks
fall away, replaced by what
the wind brings, what the
trees take, and what the animals
are willing to share.

How else to rebuild the soul
than to witness firsthand
the infinite cycle of nature,
of earth, of home?






Sundress Publications, located in Tennessee, is a non-profit publisher of books and host to various workshops and retreats.  They are currently working on restoring a farmstead to provide a space for residencies – The Sundress Academy for the Arts..

What intrigues me most about Sundress is their focus on integrating writing and the arts with nature.  Something that is sorely missed from everyday life.

Please check out their websites and their mission.

Spent the weekend clearing the last visages of winter as snow and ice had become 5-foot tall hills.  Beneath the mounds, earth sprang forth with cold water, brown and reddish mud, and single blades of green grass.  Spring has been dormant, waiting for the veil to be removed.

2012-09-22 14.56.53

Early dusk light
scatters through curved
pine branches reaching
toward the soft, wet earth.

Tiny prisms individually
cast light in thin
strands; collectively the
forest removes a green veil
revealing the light of unknown
spectrums, a primal
energy my human eyes may see.

Light and shadows reverse roles –
earth spews white and yellow light –
spider webs catch, consume, and release –

I lie upon the earth
in utter silence while this
plays out, and I swallow
the haze engulfing the forest.

What structure and rules
we were taught as children
have no meaning here
and I return to an empty mind.

Time becomes foreign
three realms of past,
future, and present
dissipate into white smoke.

Left with a state of being
it becomes what I choose
and what I come to accept
from the land.