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  • Poem – Captured Halos

    The black morning hides tall pine trees rising against the star filled sky. The silence broken only by the canines response to the pack of coyotes and their screams. A heavy mist hugs the wet ground and stones glistened with the slightest light. Through the drifting smoke the scattered sun brings to life the forest…

  • It’s a Snow Day

    A quick trip up north to get out of the house and play. I was also “gravelled” again by the small critters who like to hide seeds, corn, and other goodies in my boots.

  • Retreat Vignettes – #1

    Moments the chaos is held at bay when the pine filled sky sways and the ravens visit and the earth releases its pungent scent.

  • Poem – Where the Color Comes From

    The lonely path tunneled through the daily routine and expectations. The tunnel became your gateway and hiding place, a retreat when life became too real, a distraction. Did you ever see the colors of the sunset? Or even then was the winter sun awash of colors, a gray scale landscape pushing you inward?

  • Poem – Infinity

    Removed from the city even for an afternoon layers of stress and blocks fall away, replaced by what the wind brings, what the trees take, and what the animals are willing to share. How else to rebuild the soul than to witness firsthand the infinite cycle of nature, of earth, of home?

  • Focus – Sundress Academy for the Arts

    Sundress Publications, located in Tennessee, is a non-profit publisher of books and host to various workshops and retreats.  They are currently working on restoring a farmstead to provide a space for residencies – The Sundress Academy for the Arts.. What intrigues me most about Sundress is their focus on integrating writing and the arts with…

  • Winter’s Last Stand

    Spent the weekend clearing the last visages of winter as snow and ice had become 5-foot tall hills.  Beneath the mounds, earth sprang forth with cold water, brown and reddish mud, and single blades of green grass.  Spring has been dormant, waiting for the veil to be removed. Early dusk light scatters through curved pine…

  • Poem – Lady in the Forest

    For earth day… I awoke in the boreal forest white pine reaching skyward, a canopy of shadow a secret deep within the green walls, reflected hues off the morning dew, shimmers when the wind arrives I sought guidance from the lady the lady in the forest with streaking blood red locks a look of calm…

  • Retreat Building, 09/08/12

    Retreat Building, 09/08/12

    Work on the retreat has been going well the past few weeks.  Though our time has been tight and hectic, when it comes to nature and the vision we are working towards, it is worth it.  Today, Patti completed painting of the interior in a greenish/brownish color, depending on how much sunlight streams through the…

  • Retreat

    I retreated for a few days to recover from a customary headache and finally are a bit back to normal.  I have been writing an essay about Dreams and Reality that will be posted on Friday.  In the meantime, I will have a new poem later this evening.