A Slow Start to 2020

As 2020 emerges from the cold waters, we take stock of the previous year. It feels as though time is speeding up, the older we get. The truth is, we are squeezing more from each moment, reaching out beyond ourselves, enriching the experiences we have, and walking more in-step with the world.

Looking back, I see how the path brought me here, which at the time was clouded with doubt and unknowns. And I survived, a bit greyer, but also wiser and more aware of what I can accomplish.

As with each day, I hope to begin and continue the new year, being a better person than I was the previous. To continue pushing beyond the limits and self-imposed boundaries, and reach out of my comfort zones, both for my own growth, but also to leave the world a better place than when I arrived.

So we begin 2020 slowly watching the first sunrise reach across the lake and make our plans going forward, letting go of the burdens and baggage of the past, just keeping the experiences and fragments that built the person we are today.

Has the Time Arrived?

Living in the present with thoughts and energy
firmly cast into the past with vivid memories.

Each sunrise across the morning sea,
each moment spent here is with your memory.

So many years have passed,
it feels like yesterday,

the heart is heavy,
the void still waiting.

When the sky turns to gold and the path
I have spent years waiting for on the shoreline

finally appears all my worries and burdens disappear
and I know you are out there waiting.

Calming Video of Lake Superior

The video below is 2-minutes of the sun rising over Lake Superior on 01-JAN-2019 in northern MN. The temperature was around -5 with a 5 to 10 mile per hour wind.

The rolling waves, growing sun, and steam rising from the shoreline was focused, calming, and soothing. The morning provided an opening for me to escape the city and walk into the light and energy born from the universe’s beginning.

Imagine What is Lost

We know there is no land within what we can see with the naked eye or binoculars, and the maps we poured over in the outdoor gear store confirm this when looking due east. However, in the very early morning as the sun reaches over the top and the sky lights up exposing low hanging clouds above the horizon, the mind will project images of a lost landmass just out of reach.

The jagged skyline filled with mountains rising from the sea. Peaks of unknown height capture light and our attention. Glowing with radiance, they become a wall of fire. I imagine these to be walls of granite glistening from the sea, monoliths showing the power of nature, and the secrets, what we do not yet know. Showing us boundaries of our knowledge, and the limits we must continue to reach toward.

I imagine these lands to be a sanctuary. Perhaps this is heaven, where we go after this life. With the mountains, we live at sea, bathed in the morning golden sun, forever connected to this world, yet free of pain, lose, regrets, and war.

Vignettes from Lutsen

Midnight sky filled with more stars than we’ve ever seen. Trapped in the city lights and pollution we see only the moon, a few planets, and a handful of stars. Here, we are treated to the vastness our home, this planet, swims within on its journey through the galaxy and universe.

Distant lights dancing in the early morning. Is that a ship? A lighthouse?

Columns of grey clouds hold up the morning sky as the sun appears.

The last sunset layers of long thin grey clouds and the subdued orange and purple.

The sea calms as night descends upon us and we retreat indoors to watch the sunset.

Every 2-seconds the lighthouse in Grand Marais, 7 miles away as the crow flies, passes our view.

We have seen no ships close to shore today. We last saw one 2-days ago.

With more time here, I learn the subtle voice of the sea, the movement of the animals, and the words spoken by the trees.

During the transition of day to night, trees grow taller reaching toward the sky free of shadows they consume the landscape until I become one with the night.

Poem – Awakened

Scattered wisps of clouds
give way to the first sunrise.

Peaking over the horizon,
shoreline rocks absorb each ray.

Newly formed ice from high tide
cracks and refreezes with each wave.

Each inhale brings cold into waiting lungs.
Each exhale pushes out impurities from the previous year.

Like the steam rising from the sea,
I become more awakened with each breath.

Each spirit rising from the turbulent waters
follows the wind with no effort,

letting go and skimming the surface,
the awakened essence dances before

being wallowed by the sun.

First Sunrise of 2019

Poem – Emerging from the Depths with Stardust

The blood-red sky of time
before the sun rises
intermingled with black clouds,
the air is cold and still.

I stand in a circle around the perimeter
waiting for the moment told through ages,
through dreams and the instinct telling
me this is the place, this is where I need to be.

Many years passed denying and ignoring
the truth and downplaying the connection,
the energy reaching beyond here, the vibration
with each passing star over the vast oceans

As the sun crests over the horizon
the veil is lifted as they descend from the sky.

Poem – Saman

The black silent outline
moves closer as time passes,
time not from here.

The empty sky vibrates
as a thin line emerges
from the horizon’s depths.

I walk into the water folding with the sky
and feel no cold, no pain, no burden
as the golden light seeps into my heart.

Upon the ancient boulders scattered
from the dawn of time
she sits lightly with no words.

I looked down and away
but felt warmth and safety
as the waters continued to rise.

Poem – Red Dust (Beyond)

New poem from the “Beyond” series.

I awake covered in red dust
after the storm passed.

In the depths of the crater
the sun shone dimly over the edge.

I see you left without me
moving beyond the fractured surface.

There is no blame.
There is now only me.

Beyond the mountains
the sun rises on a new day.

Surrounded by unnamed peaks,
unclimbed by humans, I head off into the void.

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