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  • Poem – Superior Snow

    Poem – Superior Snow

    The sun set long ago,and we venture out with headlamps. Bright white snow consumes tree shadowswith each pass of light beams. Snow blown in from the gathering stormfills human and animal prints. Fewer cars pass on the road from Canada to Duluth. You can hear them for miles,a low hum between crashing waves until they…

  • Poem – Calm Waters

    April sunrise over the calm water a slow dance of light across the surface. this path now appearing after minutes lost in the subtle voice of nature opens a watery light encased portal that is my chance to leave this world.

  • Moonrise in Blue and Black

    Taken on 11-APR-2017.

  • Poem – Small Moments Lasting a Lifetime

    The biting cold of wind carrying water off the lake. A sun rising behind the grey storm clouds still in the distance. Ice encased tree on the rocky point. Frozen mist carried along the surface. Berries cling to barren branches providing food to robin and chickadee.

  • Poem – This is Home

    In the depth of winter with the shoreline covered in snow blown in from the distant water, this is home. A place nestled on a cliff covered in ice as the superior waves relentlessly carve away at ancient features, this is home.

  • Photos from Lutsen – 04/16/16

  • Poem – As I

    As I watch the April sunrise across the turbulent waters I am reminded again of my place beneath cedar and pine while sitting on the rocks with two puppies.

  • Northern Retreat

    The race we race each day has left tire tracks upon myself.  Time to get away and seek refuge along the shore of Lake Superior.  Though the leaves long ago were swept from the trees, the skeletons left in the wake shimmered against the deep blue and cloudless sky.  What burdens were carried here, quickly…

  • Random Thought from Lutsen

    Lake Superior while a large body of freshwater, is dependent on other sources to keep a sustainable level. If the rivers that drain here do not have enough snow melt at higher elevations, and if the usage from resorts, cabins, homes, is consistent or increases, over time the level is going to drop noticeably. Soon,…