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Autumn Thoughts

Speeding through November with December around the corner, a pause is warranted in the daily flow to reflect, to think, to breath. The sun settles into the horizon earlier as darkness consumes more time and the cold encourages us to seek more warmth within ourselves. The day emerges slowly with orange and purple streaks as […]
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Poem – Where I Stood

(1) Where I stood on that last day I saw you walking across the bridge. I believe you did not see me but you must have sensed my presence. When I could no longer see you I lit a cigarette and sat on a graffitied boulder near the river’s edge. (2) Let me go back […]
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Poem – Transition

Everything has changed since leaving the land of the midnight sun. Squishy, my thoughts have become – what was light and free before, has taken on dreams interwoven with a landscape and all the life and history inhabiting each grain of sand, each droplet, and boulder cast from the mountain top. An evolution in thoughts […]
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Lutsen Basked in Light

A few photos from a recent trip to Lutsen on Lake Superior.  Basked in cold light the shoreline glowed with radiant heat from the sun transitioning from Winter to Spring.