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  • Silent Objections

    Silent Objections

    The calm water reflects the coldmorning sky coming on-line. Pierced by raven calls and lulledby rolling waves. Fragments I carried herebegin to slip into the water. The cold and water I have come to embraceas years have passed, has not changed. The same stones mark the way to an ice covered shorelineand that tree has…

  • Poem – Superior Snow

    Poem – Superior Snow

    The sun set long ago,and we venture out with headlamps. Bright white snow consumes tree shadowswith each pass of light beams. Snow blown in from the gathering stormfills human and animal prints. Fewer cars pass on the road from Canada to Duluth. You can hear them for miles,a low hum between crashing waves until they…

  • Poem – Love

    What we have spans time, existing without place, breathing with each ray of light, captured in morning waves.

  • Photos – Winter Seas

    The following photos are from different days and times of Lake Superior along the North Shore.

  • Poem – Transformation

    I watch the sun rise from distant cold moving water. White-capped waves emerge from the horizon and over time they will arrive at my feet standing on the rock strewn shoreline covered in clear ice. I imagine staying here through the passing months when the deep winter takes hold of this land and my body…

  • Poem – Silent Music of Creation

    When the nearest stars are observed and the furthest ancient light is discovered we see what became the past far removed from the beginning. If we remove ourselves from physical bonds and trivial thoughts, what used to be feeling transforms into knowing that what is felt and tasted is no different than the first particle…

  • Quantum Physics Came From the Vedas

    An article that examines and discusses the historical origination of Quantum Mechanics from ancient Hinduism philosophy and texts – the Vedic texts. http://www.krishnapath.org/quantum-physics-came-from-the-vedas-schrodinger-einstein-and-tesla-were-all-vedantists/

  • Poem – Truth Amidst the Dark Horizon

    (1) Swimming through dark, through water, through the concept of time that is lost when we lose hope. Searching for what else is out there, searching for what we think we need. Events happen, points in life surface that take over our focus and force a look inward. In those moments we can find meaning,…

  • The Dream That is the Big Lake

    Testing out some new gear and setting up a tent in preparation for the next trip to Alaska.  Of course, being on the big lake and my need to be close to the water, I always get wet and nothing like the sun to take care of the drying. Another beautiful fall day on the…

  • Poem – Untitled

    Sometimes word just get in the way of the image.  The image speaks everything we want to say and everything we are afraid to say, and everything we are unable to say.