Poem – Truth Amidst the Dark Horizon


Swimming through dark, through water, through
the concept of time that is lost when we lose hope.

Searching for what else is out there,
searching for what we think we need.

Events happen, points in life surface that
take over our focus and force a look inward.

In those moments we can find meaning,
we can find ourselves, we can find truth.


I lost years of life to false words
and shadow filling the valleys I walked within.

I turned from people, I turned from myself.


In the turbulent water marching
to the dark horizon

a strong hand reached through the
waves and left me on the shoreline.

When I awoke I hoped what I saw
was only a dream, but after the

funeral, after goodbyes and tears,
the life known previously

became a distant memory and the
path forward became a dedication,

became a quest for betterment
to live up to his image and words.

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