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Another Winter

Spring fell into an early winter. We scramble to remember how cold was last year? How much snow? Where is that puffy jacket? With little warning, no fanfare, the sky settles into the land, wrapping grey arms around each tree. The road home follows that reddish path mixed with wet snow into a hazy transition […]
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Has the Time Arrived?

Living in the present with thoughts and energyfirmly cast into the past with vivid memories. Each sunrise across the morning sea,each moment spent here is with your memory. So many years have passed,it feels like yesterday, the heart is heavy,the void still waiting. When the sky turns to gold and the pathI have spent years […]
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Poem – Truth Amidst the Dark Horizon

(1) Swimming through dark, through water, through the concept of time that is lost when we lose hope. Searching for what else is out there, searching for what we think we need. Events happen, points in life surface that take over our focus and force a look inward. In those moments we can find meaning, […]
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Poem – Winter’s Strength

The stronghold strengthens the winter depth deepens. The hill overlooks treetops holding pockets of snow to the empty blue sky quietly becoming black. With no fanfare just cold desending from heaven. From comfort of the sunroom I see yellow squares scattered in the blackness behind naked tress losing ground to the snowpacks assault a battle […]
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9/11 Poems

A few poems I have written over the years are now available for reading. ¬†They are located here. 9/11 9/11 (3-Years) 9/11 (Imagine) 9/11 (Never Forget) Don’t Forget Your Boots

Planning Continues

Most of the required gear has been taken care of for Mt. Rainier, except for two jackets that are on the recommended list. One of them is a windproof/waterproof parka, with down insulation. In trying to justify the cost, and what would seem to be limited use on the mountain, though the weather is unpredictable […]
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Thoughts on Lance Armstrong

I tend to leave any directs news-realted items off this site, preferring to blend the topics into poems and prose. ¬†However, the announcement on Friday the 24th, by Lance Armstrong, that he is dropping his fight against allegations that he doped and cheated while racing, hit a nerve with me. I got both of my […]
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Don’t forget your boots

The long walk through the valley overshadowed by the mountains. Don’t forget your boots. Sand upon sand the layered earth covers fragments, shells, and mines. Don’t forget your boots. I do not pretend to understand or relate I have not been there – I am here gazing at the stars washed in the moonlight filled […]
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A place exists tucked into tall pine trees reaching toward the empty sky filled with Nothing. Yielding the search for everything I found what I was looking for. I do not fully understand the magic slipping through exposed fingers and I question why it took so long to get here, why so many roadblocks of […]
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